Hello all bloggers and online marketing specialists! I am very very excited to write this review for Ninja Outreach because it absolutely stunned me when I started using it. I just had to share this great marketing tool with you.

Many new comers or even people who have been doing marketing for a long time sometimes fail to get good links or find sponsored posts or even reviews. When someone hits a wall for finding the proper tools and blogs for their promotion, it can get irritating. This is where Ninja Outreach comes in.

It has tons and tons of features which you can use for your maximum benefit. I am going to list those and how you can use them for your marketing strategies.

So, what IS Ninja Outreach

Let me begin by giving you an introduction to what exactly is this tool and what is it all about.
Ninja Outreach is an all-purpose marketing tool for digital marketing enthusiasts. If you are looking to increase lead generation, find guest posts, do content promotion, do link building, find influencers, collect contact information and anything you can think of for online marketing, then Ninja Outreach is the perfect tool for you.

Ninja Outreach has their web app, chrome app and even a desktop software. You can integrate Ninja Outreach in your digital marketing ventures on all platforms. Desktop software has the most advanced features of them all.

It is designed by digital marketers for all levels of digital marketers ranging from bloggers, startups, and small businesses to consulting agencies and large brands. It covers almost every one and provides tool for all kinds of purposes. You can make it your go to tool for all your digital marketing needs.

Features of Ninja Outreach

Now that you have a brief idea of what Ninja Outreach is, I think it is time to delve into the features which make it so powerful.

The main features of Ninja Outreach which help to increase traffic are finding the following things: -

1.       Giveaways
2.       Product Reviews
3.       Sponsored Posts
4.       Guest Posts

And the more advanced features that you can use it for if you are used to Ninja Outreach are the following: -

1.       Lead Generation
2.       Building email list for email marketers
3.       Finding influencers of your niche
4.       Increasing Traffic
5.       And much more…

Let’s look at a few of the main features in the following topics: -

Finding Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews

This one is my favorite amongst the lot. Finding Sponsored posts and Product Reviews help you to generate lots and lots of traffic and authority by getting backlinks.

To find sponsored posts or product reviews in Ninja Outreach web application, just follow the following steps: -

1.       Register for a Ninja Outreach Account and complete the registration process. But, if you already have your account, you can skip this step and login to your account.

2.       Use your niche as the keyword in the search to target relevant blogs or sites. Type in the search query in the Content Prospecting tab and search for it.

3.       You will see a list of returned results which lists the relevant industry websites and blogs. They are listed with lots of details which are important such as Social Shares, PR, DA, PA, BackLinks, Alexa Rank and many other useful information.

4.       To sort the ones which support product review and sponsored posts, click on advanced filter to get more filters to apply to the results.

5.       From the list of options, you can select a variety of options to filter the results. But for now, we want to select Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews.

6.       The results will be returned with the filters applied and you can then go to those websites and connect with the person. Ask them for sponsored posts or product reviews. You can use the built-in templates to help you with sending an email to them.

Promoting your blog posts and Lead Generation

This is again a lovely feature that Ninja Outreach provides to its users. Every digital marketer knows how great is it to get users to share your content and get your blog noticed.

Ninja Outreach helps you to find influencers and using this tool, you can get them to share your content on the web.

Dave is the co-founder of Ninja Outreach and he has a passion for digital marketing and travelling. He has provided an excellent tutorial for promoting your blog posts and Generating leads using NinjaOutreach on YouTube.

These are the most important features of Ninja outreach and there are many countless features which you will get used to once you are acquainted with this amazing tool. I can never emphasize enough the brilliance of this tool.

Pricing and membership

Although there is no limit to how much you can exploit Ninja Outreach for your maximum benefit and there cannot be a price tag for such a great tool. But to avoid people misusing the tool and spamming their way, they have put a price tag for all different purposes.

Ninja Outreach provides pricing packages for Bloggers, Small Agencies, Large Agencies and enterprises. They all vary to some degree in the features that are provided for the specific package. But, selecting the package that works for you best will give you the best results no matter what.
You can either pay monthly charges or get an annual subscription and get 25% off on you fees. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Also, you can either chose to buy the premium packages now or if you are not sure, you can always try their 14-day Trail service which provides most of the important features right out of the box. And you DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING!


There is no words to describe how useful a tool Ninja Outreach can be in online marketing campaigns. It helps to find about anything and everything that you will require for digital marketing. All the influential marketers use powerful tool such as this – making it even more important for you to use.

I highly recommend this tool for you and it comes in web app, chrome extension and even on your desktop for highly advanced features. Sign up now and work your way up the ladder and generate those leads and promote your brand.

What are you waiting for??? Go visit Ninja Outreach NOW!!!