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I failed my way to success – Thomas Edison

You will fail a lot of times before you succeed. Success does not come in just one day. You will have to get through a lot of stepping stones first.

Thomas Edison and many other scientists did experiments over experiments to achieve results. Their experiments failed countless times. They lost the battle of life countless times. But, if they had stopped trying, you would not have been living a comfortable life right now.

Walt Disney was rejected several times and was said to have no imagination. Albert Einstein was a college dropout because he seemed to get low grades in most subjects. Michael Jordon was made to sit in a lot of games before he could play. Lionel Messi was told he could not play Football on an international level because he has a short height.

Imagine if they had given up. Imagine if every time there was a difficulty in life, people gave up. We would not have seen legends. We would not have seen acts of heroism. Because, only if you face criticism and keep your head up even during the times of failure, you are ready to become successful. It is during these adverse times that your will to succeed is tested. DO NOT fear failure, instead learn from failure.

If you fail at something, it means you are doing something good. And the best thing to do from a failure is to learn from your mistakes. And always remember, Failure is the stepping stone for success.

Stay motivated and positive. Learn from your failures. Wish you all a great day ahead!