Motivational Quotes

There is only one way to happiness - to stop worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.

Do you think you can control everything? Do you believe you can measure, monitor and control each aspect of your life? Are you able to control when the sun rises or when the sun sets or which direction the wind blows? I believe the answer is no. Do you worry about the sun rising early or the trees growing in the jungle? NO. The reason being those things are beyond your control.

There are millions of things and living beings around us. It is impossible for us to control each and every one of them to suit our desires. Hence, we do not worry about what other things are doing or what they are thinking. What we do instead is adjust ourseleves according to the surroundings to achieve a happier and healthier life. Similarly, there are many situations in life which are beyond our control but we believe that it is when in fact it's not.

Remember your first job interview? Do you think it was in your control to get that job? NO! It entirely depended on the mood of the interviewer, or other people who are better than you in some aspect. But you could not control those 1,000 other people who applied for the job. You could not make them NOT apply for the job. But, what you COULD do was to prepare yourself for brining out the best in you. Looking at the grand scheme of things makes you realize that you do not have the power over many things. The sooner you a accept this, the sooner you will be on your path to a richer life.

Imagine a child who is born without legs. Was it in his power to control that? NO! But what the child does in his life is what matters more than anything else. The child could either cry his entire life and curse God for not giving him legs. Or, the child can learn many skills that would compliment his lifestyle. Take Nicholas James Vujicic for example. He was born as a man with no hands and no legs! And as it turns out, he is a motivational speaker who motivates millions of people around the globe and lives a rich and happy lifestyle. He accepted that he has no hands and feet and accepted that it is not in his power to control those factors.

You can do the same! Just admire the beauty of life and accept that there are certain things which are beyond your control. There are things which you should accept as they come and look for the next best thing to do. That is what life is about.

Stay motivated and positive. Wish you all a great day ahead :) !