Motivation Inspirational Quotes

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Life is what happens to all of us. We are living and there is no denying the fact that everyone has difficult times in life. No one is born perfect.

We live in such a society where each individual lives their life in our little bubble. They believe that whatever happens inside this bubble creates who they are. Loss of a loved one, losing a job, getting a new car, choosing education over a new home, meeting new people are some events that happen to all of us. But, we account these circumstances to an external entity. We believe that we do not control our circumstances and we are shaped by those situations.

But, few people understand that HOW we react to those circumstances create who we are and how our life is going to be. We can always CHOSE to hate someone or forgive someone. We can always chose to visit or not visit a place that we like. We can always DECIDE our priorities in life. And how we react to those situations create our reality.

The bubble that we live in is created by our thoughts. The imaginary world that we live in is named so because it is just in our imagination. It is in our power to change our imagination. We can DECIDE to be anxious and tensed over a huge bill that we need to pay or we can DECIDE to find ways to earn more money. It is WE who is in control of your circumstances, and not the other way.
Start thinking of yourself as the creator of your circumstances and see your life beginning to transform!

Stay positive and motivated. Wish you all a great day ahead!