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Motivational and Inspirational Quote

A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

There are times in life when people need to take tough decisions. Most people in such times select the safest option and that might be the reason for their unhappiness. Safe option does not always mean the best option and best option does not ALWAYS have to be safe.

Life is not easy. Everyone knows this and everyone knows that we need to work hard to achieve our dreams. We can not just see our lives transform if we lie in our beds all day. The ONLY way to see our life change and take a new turn is by doing things that need to be done. Sure, it is easy to just let our situations guide us in our life. But that is not what human beings are made for. YOU are made to achieve something great. YOU are born to save this world from rotting. YOU are born to prove to the world that you are better than everyone else.

If you feel there is something missing in your life, then it is YOUR responsibility to CHANGE something in your life. God will not come feeling pity for one day and bless you will a comfortable life. It is YOU who will need to make adjustments in your daily activities that will give you a life that you want. 

The difference between human beings and animals is that human beings can change their environment according to their wishes. We have built homes and technologies and everything that is possible so that we can do whatever we want. Yet, we feel so bound to our problems and life events and situations. The way out for a better life is analysing your life to see what's missing and the make changes so that you have what you truly are passionate about.

In our modern society, we are able to go to the moon with all the tools available at our disposal. What is stopping you from making your life the way you want it to be? Stay motivated and positive. Wish you all a great day ahead :) !