Motivational Quotes
Motivational Quotes

The world around us is created by our thoughts, emotions and our actions. If we have a grim view of life, the world around us will seem grim. If we believe that everything around us is beautiful and that we deserve to be happy no matter what, your life will be the same.
Here are the top 5 ways to stay motivated and make the reality that you want. Let’s get started: -

1. Be grateful

Not everyone around you is as lucky as you. Sure, you might not have the biggest home or the fastest car or the highest paying job, but you have things that others lack. More than 50% of the population in the world do not have proper beds to sleep. Entire countries lack even basic food to eat and clothes to wear. Many people do not even have the luxury of a job to earn income for their families.

So, be thankful for what you have and that will make your life richer. Every day after you wake up, make a habit of thanking the lord or whomever you so please for all the wonderful things you have before keeping your feet down on the floor.

2. Be conscious of your thoughts

Your thoughts govern your actions and in turn your life. Nothing around you makes you sad or angry or irritated. These are your response to the situation around you. You can either chose to react in a negative way, or you can choose to react in a positive way – IT IS ALL IN YOUR MIND.

Have you ever wondered why some people get all pumped up when they go for adventure sports while others get nervous and scared? It is because it is all in the mind. The situations around you cannot be changed, but what can be changed is how you react to them.

3. Keep a Journal

No matter how many times I tell you about the importance of having a journal, it will always be less. Keeping a journal is the best thing that you can do in your life. You can analyze your life as it progresses through every day and notice the subtle and more beautiful changes that occur.

Have a journal which you fill up every day or at least regularly to see the benefits. You will be reminded constantly of things which are most important to you and hence you will be more focused on what is it that you really want.

4. Avoid Phones, computers and televisions

When you are on the social media or consuming any information on the internet or television, you are training your brain to like that information. Phones and televisions are the biggest distractions of the 21st century. By getting involved in watching the TV or the Television show or scrolling through social media sites, you are just wasting your time.

They serve no purpose but to dull your mind and make you more robots than humans. Therefore, try to avoid using them for entertainment purposes. If you are using them when you have some task to perform, that is great! But, never use your devices unless you have a reason to.

5. Practice Meditation

This is absolutely crucial in the modern era. This century is also known as the information era where we are constantly bombarded with information all the time. While we are walking we see board signs giving offers to buy, while watching TV we see the news and daily soaps. While working, we interact with tons of people and hence our brain is filled with information.

It is a healthy habit to meditate once in a while so that our minds do not get cluttered. Meditation also releases important hormones in our body which helps it to relax and stay healthy. Meditating daily is a recommended practice. No matter how busy you are, you should ALWAYS take out time to meditate.

I hope you use these methods wisely and take advantage of the un-tapped human potential to live a life of abundance. Wish you all a great day ahead :)!