Motivational Quotes
Motivational Quotes

Every day we are given a chance to make life a little better than what it was the day before. Every day, we are offered 86,400 seconds of opportunity to get the most out of life. But what do we do with all that time? WE WASTE IT!!!

Imagine if you knew that tomorrow is your last day on Earth and that you won't be able to live any more. What would you have done with your time today? Would you not have made sure that you tell your parents how much you value them? Would you not look into the eyes of your loved one and tell them how much you appreciate them? Would you not go out to the park with your kid and play with them? Would you not party a little more with your best friends? Would you not help the poor and homeless who have not eaten in days? Would you not compliment that stranger for having a warm smile. Would you not look up at the sun and TRULY APPRECIATE all that you have in your life.

Or would you rather sit on your chair and curse that the world is rotting? Or would you be angry with your colleagues over petty issues? If this was your last day to do everything that you could. Would you still get upset and remain sad most of your time?

If you knew that the words you are about to say to someone are the last words you are ever going to say to them. Would you still say them? If you knew that this is the last time you are seeing the face of your best friend. Would you not have the biggest smile on your face? If you knew that today is the last day for you to complete your dreams. Would you still sit on your chair and do nothing for to follow your dreams?

NO! Every single one of us would love to live each moment to the fullest. Enjoy the time while we still have it with us. At the end of our time, we all would want to leave with the biggest smile on our face. The smile of contentment! We all would spread love and happiness in the world because that is who we are.

Life is unpredictable and no one knows what might happen next. You might NEVER get the chance to say how much someone or something means to you. Do NOT  let this opportunity and this time slip out of your hands. Live your life to the fullest. Fill each day with happiness and satisfaction. Achieve more than what you have ever achieved. Go out there and make this world a better place.

Spread love and happiness all around. Drop all the negativity and sadness and guilt out of your life. Let there be NO REGRETS at all. You should never have to say to yourself - "Only if I had done this when I had the chance". Now is the chance that you have. Let's not waste it.

Wish you all a great and wonderful day ahead :) !