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What would you really do, if money was no object. If you did not have to work 9 hours a day to earn minimum wage, what would you really do? Would you still go do the job that you are doing? Would you still just wait for the right time to start swimming lessons? Would you still wait to go on the vacation you had always wanted?

If you look at it, money is just a piece of paper that the society has created so that you can be owned. You spend your time and energy trying to earn this piece of paper, hoping you will be happy in the future. What you don't realize is that the only time when you can be happy is NOW! There is no such this as the past or the future. If you have to be happy, you have to be happy RIGHT NOW!

Earning a lot of money and then buying and doing things that make you happy is a thing of the future. You will get money in the FUTURE. You will be able to buy the new car in the FUTURE. You can buy the new dress in the FUTURE. But, is this very moment of your life making you happy? Are you doing what you would be doing if money was no object?

The things that you would have REALLY done if money wasn't a thing, are the things that you really love to do. Do more of what makes you happy. This is more simpler said than done. Everyone says this thing makes me happy or that thing makes me happy. But let me ask you, how many of those things that make you happy are you doing on a daily basis? One, may be two, or may be just three?

You have spent so many years of your life and when you look back at it, what do you realize? You realize and wish that you SHOULD have asked that girl out on a date. You wish you SHOULD have told learnt the piano when you had time. You wish you had went on the family tour when you had the chance.

Life is made up of moments and memories. So, if you are not doing what you really love to do, you won't love your life enough. Your life does not comprise of moments where you have done something that you truly love. Everyone has excuses to do or not to do something. But after 5 years from TODAY, you won't remember what excuse you made, you will remember that you didn't do what you really love.

Wish you a great day ahead :) !