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The biggest competition that you can have in life is from yourself. Making yourself your competition is the first step you can take to improve your life drastically.

You are one of a kind and you have special skills and talents. But, if you make yourself your competition, you will improve yourself a bit every day. Everyday, you will become better than what you were the day before. Everyday, you will improve some aspect of your life. Everyday, you will improve what you already know or learn a new skill.

Making yourself your competition is better than making someone else your competition. If you want to become like someone, you lose your uniqueness. You are unique that is what make you YOURSELF! No one is better at being you than yourself. If you strive to be better than Mohammed Ali in Boxing or Michael Jordan in Basketball or better than Michael Phelps in swimming, you lose the chance to be yourself.

Not only will you lose your uniqueness, you will start copying your competition. You will learn the same skills as your competition which worked for THEM. The same things might NOT work for you because everyone is different. So, instead of investing time in making someone else your competition, spend some time on yourself. No one can be a better competition than yourself.

Be at least 1% better than what you were yesterday. Love 1% more than what you loved yesterday. Improve a skill by 1% as compared to yesterday. Be a little less angrier, grumpier, sadder and irritated than yesterday. A little progress every day adds up to BIG results! Even if you are a teeny-tiny better than yesterday, you have progressed and become a better person.

Wish you a great day ahead :) !