Motivational Quotes

You will NEVER have this day again. Make it count!

You are given a specific amount of time each day. Everyone is given the same 24 hours each day. Some achieve great results while others do not! Some people prefer to waste their time on Facebook, looking at other people's lives, while others create their own lives. Some keep scrolling through Instagram feeds looking for pretty images while others click those pretty images and make a living out of it.

This time that you have right, this very moment will NOT return to you EVER! You will not be able to do anything if this time is gone. What is gone is gone and will never come back to you. For every precious moment that you are wasting, someone is making the best out of them. Why don't you do the same?

Every day and every moment is magical if you understand that it will never return to you. On this day, create some beautiful memories which you will remember for a lifetime because this day won't be there again. Take the big step that you had always wanted to take because the right time to do it is NOW! The best time to do the right thing is NOW! Do not wait for an opportunity to open up, create your own opportunity and make this day count.

Today is a wonderful day for you! Today, you can do wonders if you wish to. Today, you can decide that you want more from life than what it is already giving you. Today you have the opportunity which you will not have again in the future. Today, you can make someone happy, you can create something beautiful, you can do what you really love to do. Make this day count!

Wish you a great day ahead :D !