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The foolish man seeks Happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.

What is happiness? Have you ever stopped and thought about what happiness really is? Have you ever considered what will make you happy?

Everyone has a different definition of happiness. For someone, happiness means having vibrant health. For someone happiness means being able to spend time with their family. For some, happiness means owning luxury cars and having luxury homes. Everyone has a different view on what happiness means and there are different ways to attain happiness.

The place where most people lose out on happiness is when they start CHASING happiness. Happiness is not a THING which you can find at the end of the journey. Happiness is the journey itself. Wise are the people who know that happiness exists in small forms. Every small event and action has the power to make you happy. You just need to be aware of it. 

If happiness to you means being the CEO of a company, getting your first raise might not seem much to you. But taking a closer look, when you get a raise, you are one step closer to your goal. The people who love you will rejoice in this achievement of yours - This is happiness. Getting a smile on your loved ones and feeling loved, this is happiness. 

The foolish person thinks that happiness is a particular time in life when everything just comes into place. What they don't realize is that nothing will ever be perfect. Life is imperfect, but the moments that we steal from life are what makes life worth living. The small moments of joy make happiness. Keep those moments in your memory and see you life become happier instantly.

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