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Daily Motivation

You deserve to be happy. Don't let anyone make you forget that! Every one of you deserves to be happy and deserve to live your life the way you want to. Sure, you need to adjust a little bit to the society, but you have the power to do what you want.

We all deserve to be happy no matter what is going on in our lives. It does not matter if you do not have MONEY, or do not have a FAMILY, or do not have FRIENDS. We can find happiness in the smallest of things if we want to. Just sitting and watching kids play is happiness.

You are a wonderful person. You are very loving and helpful. You want to make everyone around you happy. That is why you Deserve to be happy too. And there is no one who has the right to say that you do not deserve to be happy. Do not let anyone dictate anything about your happiness. It is you who decides to be happy or sad. Why would anyone decide to be sad instead of happy, right?

There are people in your life who would try to make you feel that you are not good enough. There are people who will point out the bad things in your life instead of the good ones. Do NOT let them dictate what you should and should not feel. The power to feel good or bad lies in your own mind. So, decide to be happy because YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

I don't care what you have done in life. Even if you have murdered someone or stolen from someone, if you regret it and are ready to pay the price for it, you deserve to be happy. Whatever is going on in your life, I am here to tell you that you deserve to be happy!

Do not let other people change your state of mind. You want to be happy and this is why you will attract happiness in your life. Think of happy things and your life will automatically be happier. Let's make each other happy and remove all the sadness from the world.

Wish you all a great day ahead :) !