Today, I have decided that I will start documenting my entire meditation journey. The thing that I have noticed is that everyone just teaches you what to do and what not to do in meditation. But I find that it is still not the entire picture.

So, I am going to document my meditation journey and share how it feels and what I get as a result. Also, I will be sharing any insights that I get from my meditation experience. This will not only help me share what I learn from others, I will also be able to put everything in one place.

Okay, so the first thing insight that I got while meditating is this - "Meditation is an active process". Meditation is not a passive process where you just close your eyes, focus on your breath and hope everything comes to you. Just like an exercise, meditation is an active process where instead of training your muscles, you train the mind.

When you practice let's say Football, you do certain drills to train certain muscles in your body to fire instantly to achieve a result. You train the muscles in your body so that you can use them any way that you want when the time comes. Similarly, during meditation, you train your mind so that instead of the mind controlling your life, you train it so that you can have control over your mind and use it any way that you want.

Hence, just closing your eyes and sitting cross-legged and focusing on your breath isn't going to help you at all. Doing all this is just like wearing your football clothes, shoes, guards and getting ready for playing. The active part of meditation starts after you are ready to start meditating. Although I know that during later stages, it is not required to close your eyes or even sit to meditate, but during the initial stages, they can be seen as good guidelines.

What I learnt while meditating today is that the first aim of meditation isn't to have control over your mind. The first aim of meditation is to put you in a stable state - Physically, mentally and emotionally so that you are not stirred up by anything at all. When you are not stirred by any factor, you are at a very calm state. In this calm state, you have the ability to make better decisions.

I think the purpose of sitting quietly during meditation is to shut off any stimuli from the external world so that you are not occupied with anything. Once you have nothing to worry about, you can rest your mind to have clarity of thought and analyze things with a much different understanding.

When we just sit for meditation, we are essentially training our mind and the body to be absolutely calm. If there are thoughts, emotions and anything else popping up in our consciousness, we learn to be totally neutral to it. Instead of being a slave to our mind and the body, we learn that we have power of it. In the initial few days, it might just seem to be a one time thing during the day. But, as you keep meditating daily, you will see that it starts to become a part of you. You are much more stable in your daily life.