The first thing that I noticed while meditating is that the general sense of awareness in my daily life is increasing. Instead of just going through the motions, I have started to take notice of my immediate environment. Earlier, I was so lost in doing whatever I am doing that I could not notice my thoughts, emotions or how I am feeling physically. But now, I am very much aware and I notice things at regular intervals.

I notice how I am feeling in my body as well as the thoughts that are going on in my mind. I automatically stop from time to time and realize what I am doing and what I am thinking and feeling. In fact, if I am having a negative thought, I find myself automatically catching myself in the process and analyzing that thought.

I am very less distracted by the external stimulus and I control where I give my attention. I am even mentally calm now as compared to earlier times. Earlier, I had 100 things running in my mind which would freeze me and not allow me to think or work. But now, I am fully concentrated on what I am doing. The task at hand is very nicely completed with my full attention and less distractions.

We all have wishes and desires that we want very dearly. My desires to achieve something or want something has started reducing. According to the insight that I received, this is one of the most crucial factor for having a calm mind. I don't feel as if I need to complete a task or achieve something immediately. This is what has helped me be extremely calm. Of course, my goals are there that I need to achieve and things that I need to do. However, those goals don't seem to take up my full attention and energy throughout the day. Instead, they are there motivating me when the time is right.

A major change that was subtle that has started to happen is my heart not changing its rhythm based on external stimuli. When a scary thought or an external event used to happen earlier, my heart would change its rhythm to give me a sinking feeling. Now, even when I have those thoughts or events from the outside world, my heart does not change its beating pattern. I am as calm as I was previous to that thought. This made me to think that whatever we feel, the heart is at the center of it. The speed at which our hearts beat determine what we feel.

While meditating, I was getting a thought over and over again - "WHAT you do during meditation is much more important than HOW you do it". I am assuming that it means that meditation has a goal, and that is to calm you down perhaps. There doesn't necessarily need to be one way to achieve a desired result. So, every person might have their own way to meditate. There isn't a silver bullet that is suited for everyone. HOW someone achieves inner peace is not as important as achieving inner peace.

One thing that makes my meditation different is the understanding of "STATES". States is a concept that I use for myself to describe a state of being - physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have found that to attract something in life, you need to put yourself in that state and that thing will automatically find its way in your life. One of the ways that I have found to do that is using "I AM" during meditation. I imagine myself having whatever I want and say something like  "I AM rich" or "I AM successful in landing my new client", and so on. Then, I put myself in that state. I hold that state for a few seconds and then watch the magic unfold.