The awareness that I have in life is really increasing on a daily basis. I can actually find myself during the day just noticing things around me. During the day, I notice the posture of my body and realize that I have been sitting in an improper posture which is causing stress in certain areas of my body. So, I just readjust myself to fix this small issue.

Not only am I more aware of my body, I am much more aware of my thoughts and emotions. I notice how a certain thought or event during the morning is affecting me till now. So, I ask for forgiveness and let go of the negative emotion that has been weighing me down. I also just relax myself regularly during the day. The impact of so many days of meditation is really a positive one.

A great thing that has been happening with me is that I want to meditate more and more every day. Meditating is like an addiction that you just want to meditate more so that you feel super relaxed. I meditate so much that when traveling to office, I sit behind the bike with my dad and meditate. I don't let the traffic affect me or all the honking distract me from the Meditation experience. Though they do distract me, I am training myself to come back to my inner self after being distracted.

A key insight that I got today during my morning meditation is about the role of "CONTENT" in our lives. Our mind is under the slavery of so much content that is floating around in the world. By content, I don't just mean the posts on websites, I mean the news, videos, pictures, advertisements, things to do, people to talk to, and so on. There is just so much information to process, but our minds have not been designed to process all of that.

According to something that I read online, 90% of all the content available in the world has been created in the last 10 years. Just imagine the amount of text, pictures, memes, videos, Documents, Softwares, TV series, and so much  more is available online. In fact, there is so much information available on a single topic that it is almost impossible to understand any single things in its entirety in one lifetime.

We are occupied in the content around us all the time via our smart phones and television sets. We read the Advertisements on the newspaper, on boards while we walk down the streets or in the cereal boxes while eating. All of the content around us, forces us to pay attention to them. They force us to leave everything else and give our ATTENTION to them. This, effectively reduces time from our life.

It might seem like a few seconds worth of time to read an Ad in the newspaper. But you forget that all the time adds up. Not only does all the time add up, you also waste your valuable mental energy in the content that you don't really need. By reading the content that you don't really want, you tire yourself for no reason and then get shocked when you feel tired by the end of the day.

The content around us has made our minds a slave to them. We rely so heavily on the things around us to comfort us that we ourselves have become lazy. Instead of us choosing the content that we want to engage in, the content chooses to engage our minds and we find ourselves powerless. Take the YouTube suggestion algorithm for example. If you watch one video, the suggestion gives you another one to watch and you go - "Hmm, this seems interesting, let's watch that one.". After an hour or so of doing this, you find yourself seeing videos of "A giraffe drinking coffee using a straw". We got so carried away in the content that we let it dictate what we want to feed our minds.

This is where the Meditation training helps us. When we Meditate, we are training ourselves to not get ourselves engaged in content around us. We train ourselves that even if there are noises around us, we don't really need to pay attention to those. We don't need to spend our energy on anything and everything around us.

Of course, during the initial stages, it is preferable that there be minimum noises, minimum light and minimum disturbance. This is done so because our minds are not trained and it will be distracted easily. As we advance forward, we train ourselves to be less affected by the external environment. In fact, I recommend always trying to meditate with some external stimuli. The reason is that during your daily life, there are always things that will try to disturb you. There will seldom be a time when you are free from distractions. So, it is best to train yourself in that environment.