After practicing Meditation for so many days, one thing that is clearly evident is the amount of time taken for the body to relax. Earlier, it used to take about 5-10 minutes for the body to calm down when I sat for Meditation. But now, with each practice, the body has started to relax faster with each session. Now, it takes about a minute for my body to relax itself. This is really great.

During my day-to-day life, I feel really calm and focused on my life. Earlier, I felt as if I was drifting through life in zombie mode. I had no awareness of what I am doing and why I am doing. There wasn't clear vision and understanding of things. There was just so much noise going around that focusing on anything was really tough. Now, I have huge amounts of control over what I do, what I think, and what I feel. The level of consciousness and control over my life is increasing on a regular basis.

Today, something weird happened. After a few minutes of relaxing, I started to relax my mind as well. When I did that, I was just lost somewhere. I was physically in my room, but it was as if I don't exist anymore. Just like when we sleep, everything just vanishes and we wake up next day. Though I wasn't asleep, I wasn't awake either. I can't even recall those moments because I have no recollection of it. The Music was playing in the background, but I don't recall hearing it. I don't recall anything at all.

In my regular life, I have so much more awareness of my thoughts. I have started to realize that I get carried away in thought a lot of times during the day. However, there is a difference from earlier times. Now, as soon as a thought comes to my mind and I chase it, I become aware. Within a few seconds, I notice myself being carried away by the thought. Then, I ask myself to let go of that thought and just like that, I stop running after the thought and come back to the present moment. I don't allow my thoughts to change what I am feeling.

Not only am I aware of my thoughts, I am really more aware of my emotional states. I find myself automatically stopping what I am doing from time to time and just notice my surroundings. Not only do I notice my immediate environment, I also take note of my physical as well as emotional states. If there is something that is bothering me, I make sure to be aware of it.