Today was a very deep Meditative session for me. Within a minute, my entire body started to relax very deeply. I immediately started to feel sore in some areas in my body. So, I started to move my body a little and adjust myself to relax. In just two minutes, my entire body was fully relaxed.

The trend that I am noticing is that with each session, I am able to relax deeply and quickly. Initially, it took a while to just make myself sit down, but now, I can relax my body instantly.

Within two minutes, I had started to lose awareness of the body and my surroundings. I was so much more aware of what is going on in my mind. Earlier, I might have been skipping what was I was thinking and feeling. But now, I was totally focused on what was going on in my mind. I could observe the thoughts that were coming and going and whether I entertained them or not.

I just focused on my mind and after a while, I realized that I had no awareness of the body. So, I forced my hands and feet to move a little to check how it affects my mental awareness. When I moved my body, I noticed that my mind got carried away with the movement and had started to focus on what was happening in that area of my body. I was now aware of the areas that moved, the feeling in those body parts as well as their current state. After a few seconds, I was back to the awareness in my mind.

When I think about what happened, I realized one thing about the mind. The mind always wants to rest, but things that happen in the outside world causes our bodies to believe they might be at danger. So, it forces the mind to analyze the external stimuli and decide if it is life threatening or not. Once the decision has been made that there is no danger, the body lets go of the mind to continue its process.

Therefore, the trick that I realized is to make yourself believe that you are not in danger and nothing in the outside world requires your attention. When we do that, we trick our mind and body to stay focused and not get distracted by other sounds or movements or changes in the environment. In essence, any changes around us is taken as physical danger by our body and mind. Hence, we should either Meditate in a place where we know we are safe or we train our minds to remember that we are safe so that it does not get affected by outside changes.