It was around 10 in the evening just before bed when I had nothing to do. So, I decided I will sit for meditation. When I was sitting down for meditation, my sister had started watching "Koffee with Karan" on the Television with the volume loud enough that I can hear it till my room.

However, I took it as a challenge to meditate in such distraction. I wanted to see if it is possible to do so and if yes, how. So, as I sat for meditation, I realized that SOUND is one of the biggest source of distraction during meditation. If the scent is unpleasant, it is alright. Even if the lights are on, we can simply close our eyes and focus. If someone tries to shake us, we can still force ourselves to not be affected. However, when there is a lot of sound, they grab our attention.

Human beings are naturally born with just 2 fears - Fear of falling and fear of loud noises. Besides that, they don't have any other fear. Every other fear is learned during their lives. Since the fear of sound is a natural instinct of human beings, I believe that sounds will always be a major source of distraction during meditation. Loud noises trigger a fear response in us which force us to analyze the situation for any danger.

Although the TV was playing really loud, I forced myself to sit down for meditation regardless. I noticed that I was drawn to the actors words no matter how hard I try not to. However, there were instances when I had forced myself to stop focusing on the sounds and focus on either my breath or the area above my eyes. I had sat to meditate for about 15 minutes, but I could only force myself to focus around 15-20 seconds. Beyond that, I was just focusing too much on the noises.

I thought I should stick with the practice because Meditation is a conscious practice. While meditating, I am training my mind to not be distracted by the external conditions. So, it is important to have an external distraction so that I can train my mind to not be distracted. I waited till my sister closed the television. When she finally did, something really great happened.

After the sounds were removed, I noticed that my level of awareness was REALLY high. I had left the practice of meditation and was just sitting there. I noticed that I was so much more aware of the environment around me. I could sense the people around me. I could notice the sounds that they are making and the sounds that I was making. My movements became so slow as I was aware of every action that my body was taking.

During that time, I felt resistant to change. What I mean by that is that I did not want to change my body position, breathing pattern or my emotions. There was a great sense of stability in my mind. After meditation, I found myself not being moved much by the emotions of other people around me. I did not change whatever I was feeling.

What I feel is that it takes patience to meditate. I sat down to meditate for 15 minutes, but I could only control my mind for about 30 seconds. But it wasn't about how long you can control your mind. I have just started meditating recently and I don't have God level control over my mind. So, I am forcing myself to just sit down and meditate. It is about sticking to the practice. You can't expect to be a master of a skill in just a few days or weeks. The result of sticking to the practice no matter what has great results.

Today, as I was driving to office, I noticed that I was really aware of my surroundings a lot more. I was able to catch myself being lost in thoughts. I have marked traffic lights as my signals to be aware. So, every time I see a traffic light, I force myself to be aware. I notice the surroundings and I notice my thoughts. I ask myself if I am dreaming. How can I be sure that I am not dreaming? So, the results of meditation for a few minutes really carry forward throughout our day.