Today, I woke up and started using my phone for a while. After about half an hour or so of that, I thought that I am awake enough and I should sit down for meditation. After I did that, one thing was really clear to me. I had A LOT of thoughts running in my head. As soon as I sat down for meditation, it was really evident to me that my mind was running around in all directions. Although I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular or analyzing anything at all, but it felt like there was a lot of thoughts going on.

So, I put on some "Meditation Music" from playlist and started to relax myself. After just a minute or two, I could feel my body feeling relaxed. I could feel that my body WANTED to relax. Not only did my body want to relax, even my mind wanted to relax. As more time passed, I could feel more of my mind and body being relaxed. I was having so many thoughts prior to meditating and after just a few minutes, I felt as if those thoughts are starting to fade away one at a time.

After what felt like a few minutes, my mind was at peace. Although there weren't any specific thoughts even prior to meditating, I somehow felt at ease. Earlier, if I wanted to, I could switch to another thought, but now, it felt like those thoughts were no longer in the vicinity for me to chase around. In fact, I felt so light in my mind that I literally felt lighter in the head. I felt as if a weight has been lifted off my head.

As for the body, I really felt that my body wanted to relax even more. It was not my mind that wanted it to relax, the body itself wanted to relax further and further. At the core of my body, I could feel the stomach becoming more relaxed. I could feel my guts feeling stable and relaxed. Slowly, my entire body was relaxing. However, after a point, it felt like my body couldn't relax any further. Then, I realized that my body isn't in its best posture.

My body was telling me (not literally) to move my neck a little to relax the muscles. So, although we are advised not to move our bodies during meditation, I rolled my neck from side to side to relax the muscles. Then, I felt as if my body wanted me to exhale fully. Hence, I took a deep breathe and forcefully let all the air out. Similarly, there were a lot of tiny movements and adjustments that I was feeling I need to make and hence I did those. After each tiny adjustment, I could literally feel those areas of my body relaxing even deeper.

At this point, I thought to myself that in meditation, we ARE allowed to move. There are no strict rules as to what needs to be done and what not. By forcing everyone to stay still and not move and not think, we are actually deviating away from the true meaning of meditation. In Meditation, we learn about ourselves. In Meditation, we quiet our thoughts and become more in sync with our body, our nature and everything around us. So, if I am moving during Meditation, I am not doing anything wrong - Given that I know what I am doing. Any movement that I made had a specific purpose, and that was to relax a certain area. I was more in sync with my body and I could feel what my body wanted me to do.

So, after making a few adjustments, I was relaxing even deeper, but I still was feeling that my back is not straight. Hence, I opened my eyes, adjusted my pillow and straightened my back. The music was still on, so I closed my eyes and went back to relaxing. After all the adjustments, I really felt SUPER relaxed. My entire being - Mind and Body was really relaxed and fully at ease in the moment.

After making all the adjustments, I realized that my thoughts were focused around moving my body to make it more relaxed. However, my mind was still in constant motion. My focus was pin point and I wasn't wandering from the focus on my body. This was a great thing that I was really focused on one thing only and not being distracted. However, I was thinking which meant that my mind was working and not really relaxing. So, I tried to relax the mind by giving myself permission to not think about anything else.

Since I was meditating with the music, I noticed that even music is a distraction. I was using Music to shun out the sounds from my immediate environment. But, when I Meditate, I realized that Music itself was a distraction that pulled my attention from myself to itself.. So, since I knew that there is distraction, I tried an experiment. I was training myself to shift my focus from the sound of the music to the ambient sounds to the sound of my breath and then to not focusing on absolutely anything. Instead of sticking to just the Music, I switched from focusing on the noises, then to my breath and kept switching till I learned that my awareness has increased and now, I have the ability to choose what I want to focus on.

During this time, the maid had entered the room and started cleaning. She was making a lot of movements and because of the activities involved in cleaning, there were a lot of noises. However, I found myself being aware of the noises, yet not being involved in them. It was as if I was aware of the immediate environment as well as myself at the same time. It is really hard to explain, but it was as if I could focus on multiple things at the same time without really being distracted by anything. I could hear the sounds, but at the same time, I was also being relaxed and I could feel both of those things.

Overall, I understood that it is alright to move during Meditation, provided you know why you are moving. During the initial stages of Meditation, the body really relaxes itself and we become more attuned to the body. We can feel deeply what the body wants us to do. The connection between the Body and the Mind increases and that I think is a wonderful thing!