Now that I have become habituated to Meditation, I have noticed that it allows the possibility of instant relaxation. As soon as I sit for Meditation, I notice my body being relaxed. This relaxation then starts to bleed over to the mind. Slowly, even my mind begins to feel calmer and more relaxed.

At this stage of Meditation, I have started to notice much more of my body. I am so much more aware of the different parts of my body that I was unaware of earlier. Now, I am able to feel more of my muscles relaxing.

During the initial stages of today's session, there were a lot of thoughts of the past coming into my mind. These thoughts were distracting me from the present moment and forcing me to give my attention to them. I was engaging in those thoughts, but at the same time, I knew that I have the ability to pull myself away from them.

Though I was remembering the memories of the past and trying to make sense of them, I knew I had the ability to disconnect from them any time that I wished. So, I tried doing just that. After being engaged with those thoughts, I shook them off my mind and switched my focus to the present moment.

I believe that thoughts will always be there no matter what. It is just our ability to train ourselves to disconnect from our thoughts that gives us power. In our daily lives, we don't really think before being lost in our thoughts. We feel as if they are natural and we are totally engaged in them until and unless someone or something shakes us off of it. We don't learn the skill of disengaging with a thought and that is how we are trained throughout our lives.

We are conditioned to believe that any external situation or someone else will shift our thoughts. This is the reason that you will see most people keeping themselves busy so that they are not affected by their thoughts. Since they will be busy keeping themselves distracted from their thoughts, they believe that they have effectively removed the thought from their awareness. However, this is clearly a false conditioning where we learn the wrong way to fix something.

The thing is that the problem isn't with the thought itself. The problem is that you are inadequately in the ability do disconnect from a thought. You have not been trained or taught to leave a connection with a thought on command. This is why if you get a thought in your mind, it keeps going on and on till it eats you up completely. By Meditation, you learn that no matter what the thought is, you can let it go on your command.

Coming back to the session today. After a few minutes, my phone had started to vibrate as someone was sending me messages on WhatsApp. When the phone started to vibrate, it induced an urge in me to put it up and check it. The more vibrations happened, the more I wanted to open it up. Lots of thoughts started to run through my mind. I started wondering who might have been sending those messages. What might they have sent? So many WHAT-IFs started coming to my mind. All of this was enticing me to just pick up the damn phone and see those notifications.

At this time, I remember a post that I had written on how to get rid of social media addiction. I talked about how you should wait 30 seconds before seeing any notification on your phone. More on that can be found in a post. The link to which I will be sharing some day. I don't know when and where :-p! Anyway, I thought to myself that I don't need to open up the messages RIGHT NOW! I can wait till the end of the session to see the messages and nothing is going to happen. If something was urgent, the person on the other end could have called but they didn't.

So, I thought to myself that I am not a victim to my phone. I am the person who controls how the phone reacts to me and not the other way around. So, I didn't open the phone at all. Though I was feeling the urge, I forced myself to stay calm and just let it go.

Today's session wasn't really a focused session. There were a lot of thoughts coming and going. I was carried about by thoughts and constantly distracted in them. However, I had this sense of control throughout that if I force myself, I can get out of this place and relax myself. I did that many times and many times, I was totally thought free. But almost 90% of the time, I was distracted.

However, I feel that it was still important to be with the practice. I still was able to push my boundaries and change my relationship with external distractions. The power of external stimuli has really reduced now and I am less likely to be distracted by them. Also, even if there were so many thoughts being triggered, I was able to have a sense of control over them. With some effort, I could disconnect from those thoughts. So, even when I was totally carried away in thoughts, I would say that the session was still very good.

It is not every day that a cricketer will score a 100. It is not every day that the best football player will score a goal. But just by practicing and playing every day, they are training themselves and learning. Here, LEARNING is the most important thing and that is what I did today!