My meditation session today was a very focused one. The greatest thing that happened to me today was that I noticed that I am an "observer". I was able to "SEE" somehow that something was going on in my mind. This made me realize that if something is going on in my mind, how can I see it? If I am able to notice what is going on in my mind, it must mean I am not the mind and the mind is something that I can control.

While I was meditating, I was also aware that I am not being distracted from the external sounds and disturbances. I had this urge to relax my body deeper and deeper. So, at that time, if I was getting any thoughts, I just removed myself from them and focused solely on relaxing the body. The most amount of relaxation starts from the core of my stomach. That is where I feel as if there is tremendous amounts of relaxation.

While trying to relax myself, a few thoughts were coming and going and I was getting carried away by a few of them. It was not that every thought was affecting me, the number of thoughts that were able to pull my concentration away were few. The thing that I noticed at that time is that every thought affects the heart first on a very minute level.

After every thought comes, the heart feels something and may be changes the pressure and intensity of the blood pumping. It also changes its rhythm sometimes for that matter. The change doesn't really have to be huge, it is a very minute change. We are just not aware of the heart and our bodies on subtle levels, that is why we can't really know the change. But, when the body is fully relaxed, the amount of awareness that is there of the body really increases.

During our daily lives, we just focus on the larger muscles of our bodies. We have trained ourselves to feel the large muscles such as the hands, the legs, the eyes, mouth etc. However, there are so many muscles, fibers, etc. in our body and yet we are unaware of them. By doing Meditation, we come to realize just how much there is inside our body. When the gross body settles down, we can feel the subtle aspects of our body such as the heart beat, the blood flow to various parts, the cycles of our breath, ht deeper muscles of our back and stomach and shoulders. We realize that we can control so much more than what we actually think.

This reminds me of the Quote that I absolutely love which I read on the "Kali Linux OS". The quote goes - "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear". This is just so deep and so true for almost everything in life, and especially Meditation. In Meditation, we quiet so many things that allows us to be able to hear more of the body, mind, and ultimately ourselves.