Today, there was a purge that took place on Instagram. A lot of fake/inactive/fan accounts were removed by Instagram. Many accounts including celebrity accounts lots a lot of followers today.

Here are a list of accounts who lost a lot of followers: -

James Charles, who is a celebrity stylist lost half a million followers.
Ariana Grande lost 3 MILLION followers in just one day.
Selena Gomes lost 2 million followers.

In fact, even Instagram lost 3 million of its followers which led people to believe that there is a glitch in Instagram.

Small sized influencers and accounts lost a few hundred followers which they had worked really hard to get.

However, most of my clients didn't lose followers. Most of my clients actually came out on top from this exchange. Where I was seeing accounts lose so many followers, I noticed my clients gaining 50+ to up to 200+ followers in the very same day <3 p="">