By default, Instagram prefers that you post Square images which have a maximum resolution of 1080*1080. This is preferred by Instagram.

However, you can use an even larger portion of the screen by increasing the height of your images from 1080 to 1350. Yes, you read that correct. You can actually post images of the dimensions 1080*1350 in Instagram posts.

This dimension allows content creators an opportunity to take up a larger screen area which catches user attention a lot more than the regular square posts. On top of that, the extra 270 pixels allow you to add more branding options to your posts.

You can include other marketing information such as your Instagram handle, or your website or any updates/titles on that extra space. When someone looks at your Gallery, they won't see that extra 135 pixels on the top and the bottom. So, that is a great place to put call to actions are they will be clearly visible to the user when they open your posts.

By using larger images, you give yourself extra "scroll time" on Instagram. As well all know, everyone just scrolls through their Instagram feeds mindlessly. Only stopping to see something that catches their eye immediately. One way to keep your content longer on the screen is - You guessed it right, using images that have greater vertical visibility. This way, your image takes up more of the screen and can't easily be scrolled as compared to other sizes.

Now, the question is, HOW to upload larger sized images as Instagram simply crops your images into perfect squares when you upload them. Here is the trick that will allow you to trick Instagram into letting you post longer images.

When you upload image(s)/video(s) on Instagram, you will notice a Resize button on your app on the bottom left of the selected image. The resize button looks like two arrows pointing in the opposite direction. After selecting your image with the larger dimensions, simply click on the Resize button and proceed as normal. After you have posted your content, open the post and you will see that the image has a great height than your other posts.

Voila! That is all. If you liked what you read and you think that it might be useful for someone else as well, do share it with them. Drop a comment down below if you have any Instagram tips and tricks that you would want me to write about.