I had stopped documenting my Meditation journey since a while now. Now only did I stop documenting, I had stopped meditation altogether for a while. In this time, the amount of awareness that I had of life went down south really fast. Now that I have started meditation again, I realize how important it truly is.

While meditating three days ago after a long time, I felt deeply connected to myself. This is a strange feeling that I believe most people are totally oblivious to. Our minds are constantly running and there is no break in between to even breathe for the mind. Meditation allows us to take a break in life and see things from a neutral viewing point.

Before I started meditating today, I was playing a game on my mobile phone. I know I am not supposed to play games early in the morning, but hey, I am not a perfect human being! So, after I played for a while, I began to meditate. What I noticed immediately was that there was an urge to immediately pick up my phone again. Not only that, my thoughts were totally occupied in the game and thinking about it.

I know how my mind works, so I tried to shift my focus from thinking about the game to not thinking about anything. I understand it is weird for people to NOT THINK about anything at all because they have absolutely no idea that something like that is even possible. Even people who meditate daily ask me, what are you talking about. You must either be focusing on your breath or somewhere else right? How is it possible to not think at all???

However, it is easily possible to not think about anything at all. If that is tough to understand, you can assume that instead of thinking about the game, I start paying attention to my breath. What I realized was that whatever the content of our conscious mind is, has the greatest pull for our minds. Whatever is the most recent thought going on in our mind, it has the tendency to draw our attention towards it.

At the moment that we have a particular thought, it seems as if that thought is really important. It feels as if we have to give our entire attention to that thought as it is really significant and meaningful to our lives. However, if we force ourselves to not think about that particular thing or divert our attention to another thought, something magical happens. Within a few seconds, we realize that it wasn't really as important as we earlier thought it was.

If we start shifting our focus or stop paying attention to a thought, its power slowly fades away. Our attachment to that thought slowly starts fading off and we no longer feel that strong sense of urgency and the desire to pay attention to it. Once we let go of this thought, we feel relaxed immediately without delay. Let me put what I mean by that in context.

Have you ever had an argument/disagreement with someone? Have you ever stopped talking to someone because of a fight? Who am I kidding, I am sure you must have. Everyone has been in contact with someone they don't agree with. Next, remember the time when you or the other person confronted the situation and sat down and talked about your views. Then, remember how you felt when the dispute was settled. How did you feel?

Didn't you feel a sense of relief and relaxation? Didn't you feel as if a weight has literally been lifted off your shoulders? Ever wondered why that happens?

The reason for this miracle is that the thought has been in your sub-conscious since a long time and you have been dragging this feeling/thought with you. The moment it was resolved, you had effectively LET GO of those thoughts and feelings and you immediately felt relaxed. Now imagine, there are hundreds and thoughts of thoughts that revolve around in your head each day. Imagine the amount of "WEIGHT" you have added to yourself.

When you "Detach" yourself from your thoughts, there is a sense of immediate relaxation. Your mind becomes centered and really focused. Once you detach yourself from a thought, you realize that the significance that you had earlier given to it is meaningless. The thought which you thought had such importance in your life suddenly no longer feels relevant.

I feel that people suffer so much in life because they haven't trained themselves to Detach. One really needs to understand to detach from their thoughts and emotions to feel relaxed, aware, and alive. So, I ask YOU (the reader) to provide your inputs as to what are some good ways in which we can learn to detach from our thoughts and let go of things which make us feel HEAVY in the head.