Instagram Hashtag Strategy

Instagram is one of the best platforms for businesses to grow their business. Those business which focus on the aesthetic aspect are the ones that benefit the most from Instagram.

There are many ways in which an account can grown on Instagram. There are a lot of companies that provide Instagram growth opportunities.

One of the fastest ways to get more views on Instagram is without a doubt "Hashtags". Hashtags became clickable and users could follow Hashtags on 2018. Ever since that has happened, users are able to see latest posts of a specific Hashtag, directly in their feed.

This has allowed greater opportunities for brands and businesses to appear directly in the feed of its target users outside their followers without spending any money on marketing. They can simply find the most relevant hashtags of their post and their post will reach their target audience.

The Obvious Technique

Once everyone understood that Hashtags fetch more eyeballs to their content, it was obvious that one should use all the important Hashtags on their posts.

Instagram allows you to add up to 30 Hashtags in one post. This would mean a lot of opportunity to show your content to the audience that matters the most. So, simply search for the most important Hashtags and add them to each post.

The Obvious Mistake

Adding as many Hashtags as you find is one of the most common mistake that new marketers make. You are correct when you say that adding more Hashtags gives more visibility. BUT, there is another side which you should keep in mind.

Instagram has an "algorithm" that ranks relevance of a piece of content based on a number of metrics. One of the metrics that should matter according to the algorithm is Engagement/Impressions. When I say SHOULD matter, I mean theoretically it makes sense. Since no one really knows how the algorithm works, there cannot be an "accurate" approach.

However, think of it in the following manner. If your post is shown to 1,000 people, but only 100 people like it. This would mean that your post has an impression/engagement ratio of 1,000/100 = 10%. So, this would give the "Instagram algorithm" a signal that only 10% of people like your content.

You are getting more impressions, but you are NOT getting similar engagement. This would mean that your post isn't very relevant to the end user and it might benefit them to see other content. So, in the future, you might end up not getting similar reach and similar engagement/impressions for your posts.

The Obvious Solution

Keeping in mind, the Instagram Algorithm, we quickly come to a realization that we should not use as many Hashtags as possible. We should only use those Hashtags that are the most relevant to our content. 

The question still remains however, "How many Hashtags to use per post?". To answer that question, read on to the next section.

TrackMaven Report - THE BEST Hashtag Strategies for Social Media"

According to the research Methodology by TrackMaven, "We used the TrackMaven platform to analyze over 65,000 posts by brands on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, published from July 9, 2016 to October 9, 2016. To find out the best number of hashtags and the best hashtag length for each social media platform, we examined engagement, or number of interactions per post."

You can find the report Here. Here is an interpretation of the report about Instagram Hashtags.

Instagram posts with nine hashtags perform best. While engagement starts to decrease after this peak, posts with more than nine hashtags still have higher engagement than posts with fewer than eight hashtags. This suggests that on Instagram, it’s always better to err on the side of more hashtags rather than fewer.

When it comes to the length of hashtags on Instagram, longer hashtags generally have higher engagement. Specifically, hashtags that perform best are 21 characters in length, and 24 characters in length. However, Instagram hashtags that are 25 characters in length see a huge decrease in average interactions per post, and engagement bottoms out for hashtags with 27 or more characters.

Key Takeaways

There are a few things to learn when it comes to Hashtag Strategy on Instagram.

1. Have at least 9 Hashtags on your post.
2. Try not to use the maximum limit of Hashtags possible
3. Use only relevant Hashtags. Focus on Engagement more than Impressions
4. Hashtag should have character length of less than 25 characters.
5. Keep experimenting with different sets of Hashtags for Max. Reach, Impressions, and Engagement.