iMacros is one of the world's most popular web automation, data extraction, and web testing solution. Using iMacros, you can automate almost any task on the web including, but not limited to - Filling Forms, Extracting Data, Integrating with database, Automate Repetitive tasks, Regression Testing, Testing AJAX Websites, and so much more.

iMacros is now available as a platform to be used along with Internet Explore, Chrome, Firefox or any other web browser that you can think of. Using iMacros, you can easily and quickly create and run test cases for web automation on any website.

The syntax for creating scripts on iMacros is super simple. You don't need to have exceptional coding skills, although that really helps in making the process much more simplified. Using just a few lines, one can create an entire web automation process such as: -

Logging in and logging out of websites
Extracting useful information into a CSV file
Filling forms on a website based on logic, condition, or input from a CSV file.
Integrate with existing databases, CRM systems
Automate actions on any website
Automate Captcha Solving

The possibilities with iMacros are endless. If there is something that can can be done manually on a browser in a website, iMacros can almost definitely take care of that.