We all love Twitter for the short tweets that we can post on it. The best part about tweets is that they are instantly shareable with your friends, families, and colleagues.

You might have noticed that people are sharing screenshots of Twitter posts on Instagram to share it with their network. Influencers, meme accounts, fan pages, etc. are sharing screenshots of Twitter posts they find funny/interesting on Instagram.

This act of taking screenshots of Twitter posts and sharing on Instagram is driving traffic and attention away from Twitter.  On 9th August, the Twitter account by the name Miaa added a tweet to her profile which said the following: -

Twitter heard her prayer and they decided to join in on the movement. They changed their bio on Instagram to read - "Screenshots of Tweets." (SAVAGE!). Now, that is one way to use Moment Marketing to own's advantage.

After doing so, Twitter has been actively sharing screenshots of Tweets from various accounts. Here are some more "Screenshots of Tweets" from the official Twitter page on Instagram.

Twitter is doing this in hopes of increase engagement on its own Instagram profile and probably spread awareness about the platform itself. Do you think this strategy would be beneficial for Twitter?