Which is better - Red or Green? Which is the best destination for a vacation - Las Vegas or Dubai? What is the best way to propose someone? Was it right for Aditi to call Armaan at 3 in the morning because she was unable to sleep?

These are some of the questions that we face in our daily lives. For all such instances, we all have some or the other "opinion". This reminds me of a quote - "Opinions are like asshole; everybody has got one". Let us look at this thing called opinion in a bit more detail.

Any time an event happens in our lives, we form an opinion in our minds. If someone does not pick up our call, we make an opinion that the person doesn't value us. If someone shouts at you, you form an opinion that the person isn't kind. If you get ridiculed a few times for your weight, you form an opinion that you don't look good and hence won't ever succeed in life.

The thing about these opinions is that they are personal to us. They come from within us and that is why people LOVE their opinions. They believe that these opinions that they have created is valid and that is why they are so attached to them. Due to the attachment, these opinions are like small creatures that they have decided to adopt.

These opinions thus formed live and grow with them. With each similar events, these opinions grow bigger and bigger. As the opinions grow larger, so does the attachment to them. These opinions then start to feel more real with each passing day. Therefore, they become a part of the person's personality and a part of the lens that the person sees the world with.

As time passes by, there would definitely be people around them with a DIFFERENT opinion. Due to this difference in opinion, there is a clash between two people. Since both of them have nourished their opinion over long periods of time and believe firmly in them, they cannot co-exist together. Not only can two different opinions not exist together, one person cannot drop their opinion in favor of REASON because they have been with the opinion for so long. They have fed it and seen it grow over the years.

Since two people with different opinions will mostly clash, they would prefer to be around people with similar opinions. This is why there are different COMMUNITIES all over the world. People will always find the kind of community that have the same opinions as them and feel comfortable around them. Have you ever seen a theist and an atheist have a good conversation and living together with their opinions? Notice your friend circle. Aren't they the people who share similar opinions as you? Of course we can't choose family, so they might have totally different opinions than you. However, your friends would most likely be people who share the same common beliefs and opinions.

As years go by, no one even visits their opinion to check if they are real or not. They just assume that since they have been with them for years, it MUST BE real. So, they continue to feed their opinions. When the opinions are fed a little it is harmless, but if the opinion is fed a lot, it tends to get big, really fast. Sometimes, the opinions get so big and strong that people feel compelled to protect it no matter what. They fail to see that this is just an opinion and they might be wrong.

Instead, people will go to great lengths to protect their opinions. They would fight with their colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbors etc. if they go against their opinion. It's not uncommon to see two siblings fighting over who their parents love more or who owns the larger part of the property. We see lovers fighting over who has done more for the other person. We see colleagues fighting over one person being irresponsible and the other person defending it that they are not and so on.

Sometimes, people believe in their opinions so much that they end up destroying everything in their lives. They will go to any length to protect their opinion from harm or change and would constantly feed it instead. The worse part is that since these opinions are "ALWAYS RIGHT", nothing can be done. No one can help them because they are self destructing. The only right thing to do is to analyze these opinions, no matter how dear they are to them and let it go knowing that it was good while it lasted, but it doesn't help you anymore in life.